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  • Attention IROs: Do You Use a Generator?

    Any Independent Rental Owners or Property Managers with knowledge of generators should head over to the IRO Community and help out Elizabeth Nilsson. She is looking for suggestions, advice and anything she should know before installing a generator to serve as a back-up in the event of a power loss. See Elizabeth's Forum post and offer your feedback. 

  • Who Do You Think Will Win Maintenance Mania?

    Check out the finalists for this year's Maintenance Mania Championship, and vote for your favorite to win!

  • Student Housing Turns: What's Your Plan?

    Do you work in student housing? What is your plan for surviving the upcoming turn season? Talk about and share tips and ideas to stay sane and get the job done in the Student Housing Community

  • Don't Be Caught Unprepared for Hurricane Season

    If your property is in a high-traffic area for hurricanes, be sure to check out the hurricane guide from the Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans that was compiled after Hurricane Katrina. This guide contains insurance tips, generic forms and more information to help you prepare for an active hurricane season. 

  • Going Smoke-Free? Visit the Property Managers Community

    Sample resident communications, policies and took-kits to transform your building into a smoke-free community are ready for download in the Property Managers Community. If you've already gone smoke-free, share your experience through the Forums to help others undergoing that process now. 

  • Tips to Engage Residents in Green Initiatives

    The Green & Sustainability Community has a number of ready to download and use resources to assist your efforts in implementing new green initiatives and communicating these efforts with your residents including a case study from RMK Management and "8 Strategies to Engage Your Residents in Energy Efficiency" from Energy Star.

    Join the Green & Sustainability Community now to download these documents and share ideas with others invested in green and sustainable efforts. 


  • Sample Policies and Procedures Manual in IRO Community

    Sample Policies and Procedures Manuals are available for download in the IRO Community, covering personnel, payroll, operations and maintenance. These documents were made available to the NAA COmmunity courtesy of Frank Barefield, owner of Abbey Residential  in Birmingham, Ala. 

    Join the IRO Community