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The Centralized Affiliate Management Platform is an association management platform designed for NAA affiliates.


CAMP was designed by association executives for association executives, so it’s tailored to meet the needs of the associations that service the rental housing industry.

The CAMP Platform

The elements of CAMP include four different levels of affiliate participation. 

  • Data Exchange – All NAA affiliates will be able to provide the information on their new members, dropped members, and changes for existing members who have moved, acquired new properties, etc. NAA will also provide the changes it receives from members back to their home affiliate.  This way there will be a regular data exchange allowing the members to have easier access to membership benefits at the local, state and national levels.
  • Association Management System (AMS) – Affiliates have the option of two different AMSs' that have been designed to work specifically to meet the unique needs of our affiliates to help them operate more effectively and efficiently. One system was designed for the majority of affiliates and one system for complex affiliates or those with unique needs.
  • Training and Sharing of Best Practices – Affiliates will be offered online AMS group training with their peers and provided opportunities to share best practices. This will benefit the affiliates that choose to participate.
  • Common Voice with AMS Providers – There is strength in numbers, and through CAMP, we are in a unique position to have a collective voice with our AMS providers to make sure that the products continue to adapt to our changing needs.

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