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AEX: Non-Dues Revenue

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Peer-to-Peer Support

  • Suzanne Comer, Lubbock Apartment Association:  Association Marketing, Event Planning & Logistics, Reverse Trade Show/Business Exchange
  • Keri Cooper, Tulsa Apartment Association:  Events
  • Debbie Haukenberry, Apartment Association of Kansas City:  Trade Shows, Awards Banquets
  • Jeff Hall, Houston Apartment Association:  Sponsorships, Publications, Award Events
  • Deborah Imse, Multifamily NW:  Non-Dues Revenue
  • John Lafferty, Rental Housing Association (Boston):  Event Budgeting
  • Jon Lowder, Piedmont Triad Apartment Association:  Trade Show and Event Management
  • Tom Simplot, Arizona Multihousing Association:  Non-Dues Revenue
  • Adam Skolnik, The Maryland Multi-Housing Association: Non-Dues Revenue
  • Russ Webb, Georgia Apartment Association:  Non-Dues Revenue
  • Mark Williams, Apartment Association of Metro Denver:  Special Events - Revenue Production, Sponsorship Development and Marketing


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