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Tips to Maximize Board and Member Involvement

2016 Affiliate Challenge

The key to growing your association is ensuring that there is support on the ground level. It is imperative that your Board of Directors (BOD) and key members are involved and support your efforts so that it is effectively communicated to non-members the value of being a member of your association.

How it Works

  • Develop a list of non-members that will be targeted.
  • Develop a list of key board members and influential members that will be asked to join your efforts.
  • Ensure that each volunteer understands and is committed to the time needed for successful execution of this initiative (ex. one email and call per week – these are only examples.
  • Please use parameters that best meet the expectations of those involved).
  • Confirm their buy-in and get a commitment that they will execute the plan.
  • Have a preliminary meeting with your board/influential members to go over the Membership Growth Challenge and discuss the value of membership they personally receive from being part of the NAA Network (local, state and national).
  • The peer-to-peer approach locally will significantly help in communicating the value proposition. In addition, if your association is a part of the NAA-Affiliate co-branded marketing initiative, the peer-to-peer communication will provide positive reinforcement.
  • Go over the prospect list and split it up between the participants.
  • The best way to make this effective is to pair your board members and prospects based on title and type of business. When analyzing the prospect list, making sure that prospects are matched up with the appropriate level member. For example, if there are regional manager-level prospects, match them with a C-Level or regional-level person on your board or within your membership that can best highlight the benefits for them. Supplier-to-supplier connections are also most beneficial. If there are no direct matches industry or supplier, identify the best person within your volunteer team to contact each prospective member.
  • Set up a monthly conference call or bi-weekly emails (these are recommendations) to ensure that there is proper tracking of contacts and results for each member prospect.

See example testimonials on effective ways to communicate the value of NAA Network Membership based on Net Operating Income (NOI).

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