NAA 75 Logo Usage Guide

This logo is a registererd trademark of the National Apartment Association. The NAA 75th Anniversary logo is the most visible and defining signal of our 75th Anniversary brand identity. Please only use this logo for the calendar year of 2014.


Logo Color(s)

75 Logo

The logo is used in its traditional presentation, a 4-color process:

PMS 172
PMS 299
PMS 425

The 75th Anniversary logo can be applied in its positive form or reversed out of a contrasting background. The preferred application is positive on a white background.

Solid black on a white background or solid white on a black background is acceptable for black and white applications.

Logo Rendering

Logo Size

The preferred minimum print size for the logo is 1” wide. The logo should always be scaled proportionally width/height. The preferred minimum pixel size for the logo is 200 x 96 pixels. The logo should always be scaled
proportionally width/height.


To download the file(s) to your computer, right-click on the text and select "Save Target As". For MAC users, control-click the text and select "Save Link As".


 75 Logo

Do not right-click this logo. Use the file links below.

High Resolution
300 pixels/inch

Use for print.

Download the .jpeg

Low Resolution
72 pixels/inch

Use for web and lower size requirements.


Download the .png


Incorrect Usage

Incorrect Usage


If you have any questions about logo usage or require a different file format, please contact NAA's Communications Department at 703-518-6141.

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