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IRO of the Year

The Independent Rental Owner Award represents the National Apartment Association’s commitment to the independent rental owner and their importance to the rental housing industry. Individuals for this award must be nominated by their local apartment association. If the independent rental owner member is a direct member of NAA, then the individual member can submit their entry directly to NAA.


  • Properties Owned with Under 100 Units
  • Properties Owned with 101-500 Units 


Submissions will be judged on the basis of:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop a profitable rental property business
  • Overall financial performance
  • Demonstrated service to residents
  • Ongoing property maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Demonstrated service to local apartment association
  • Local association and committee involvement
  • Demonstrated service to local community
  • Community involvement 
  • Nominee’s Statement

Minimum Submission Requirements

  • Application
  • One page description of property(ies) 
  • Trailing 12 month operating statement (Profit and Loss) for 2014
  • Documented record of occupancy of properties/units in the past year (2014) 
  • Outline summary of development/rehab and/or reposition along with maintenance of properties/units. Photos of properties before and after recommended
  • One page on local affiliate committee involvement
  • One page on local community involvement
  • Nominee’s Statement – One page maximum, answer the following question: As an independent rental owner, what specific contributions do you feel you have made to your property and to your industry for which you should be recognized?
  • Must be an NAA member in good standing

Instructions for Submissions*

  • Use the 2015 PARAGON Awards Application as a cover sheet for your submission. Please submit one copy of the complete submission.
  • Each of the Minimum Submission Requirements described above should be limited to one type-written page of description per criteria.
  • Each criteria should be listed on a separate sheet of paper, with the description following on the remainder of the page. All materials must be submitted on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

*PARAGON Award winners are not eligible for consideration again for the same award for 5 years.

Entries must be received by Monday, March 17, 2014.

Submit one copy of the entry to:
4300 Wilson Blvd, Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-518-6141
Fax: 703-248-9440

Questions? Contact Donna Motley at 703-797-0625. 

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