Chris Christenson AE of the Year

All Association Executive of the Year nominees will be judged using the following criteria, in addition to the information on the Association Executive of the Year Supplemental Data Form, which will be provided to the nominee upon nomination.

Nominations must be accompanied by a NAA affiliate president’s recommendation (two page maximum) that includes:

  • A summary of the nominee’s accomplishments in the areas of finance and administration and human resources management.
  • A description of the nominee’s performance with regard to association goals and objectives. 


Instructions for award submission*

  • Use the 2015 PARAGON Awards Application as a cover sheet for your submission along with the supplemental data form. Please submit one copy of the complete submission.
  • All PARAGON Award submissions should be limited to two type-written pages that address the award criteria listed above. All materials must be submitted on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.
  • All entries must include an executive portrait (high resolution; minimum of 300 dpi)

*Note: Nominee must have served in the capacity of Association Executive for the entire calendar year. PARAGON Award winners are not eligible for consideration again for the same award for five years.

Entries must be received by Friday, March 27, 2015.

Submit one copy of the entry to:
4300 Wilson Blvd, Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-797-0625
Fax: 703-797-0643

Questions? Contact Donna Motley at 703-797-0625. 

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