About this Site

Our website redesign project began in 2012 and took nearly a year to complete. The website design and architecture was based on results found by surveying NAA members and consulting new and emerging trends in web development.

Our vendor/developer for this project, Blue Coda, worked tirelessly with the NAA team to launch this website. This website operates on Drupal Commons.

The NAA Website has also been featured in a case study by Acquia.

Here are some brief highlights of the new site:

  1. The new website is cleaner, crisper and brighter looking. This project was not just a redesign. We completely restructured and reorganized our site.
  2. We took a step back and looked at ourselves from the visitor’s point of view, making for a more intuitive experience. The new action-oriented navigation will help you make quick decisions, and our large new mega-menus will take away the guess work!
  3. The information you need is better organized through the upgrades made, including better search functionality and categorization of our content.
  4. You’ll be able to hold NAA in the palm of your hand while you’re on the go, from your iPad, Android Smartphone, Kindle or any other device you use to view the Internet. The new NAA website will have a Mobile View and the capability for the whole site to be viewed scaled down for smaller screens.
  5. We combined the NAA Community with the NAA website, now known as NAA Connect, so you will be able to network, collaborate and discuss hot issues with NAA members from the same website you use to register for a class or read the latest state and local legislative issues.

If you are having difficulty using the NAA website, please contact the Webmaster or call 703-797-0691.

Event Highlights

NAAEI Leadership Experience: Powered by Dale Carnegie

NAAEI Leadership Experience: Powered by Dale Carnegie  

Responding to the need for leadership training within the apartment industry, NAAEI has partnered with Dale Carnegie Training to deliver a world-class program called the NAAEI Leadership Experience....


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